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Creative Design Journey

Hello friends. I want to invite you and welcome you to my world of design. I live as a professional in the design world, a business owner of a few businesses, and a family person. I have a lot going on like many. I have so much to look forward to, and I feel very blessed at this stage in my life. I believe that most of us online share all the goods things. Maybe it would be great also to share failures that led me here. I must write this out to share these things for me and help my fellow human in these challenging times. The blog shares life experiences to help people even more and reach others that I cannot with my busy schedule. Just think I am bringing you along in my journey. I am sharing some of my daily thoughts, struggles, and wins. I want to share with others that dreams can come true. And even though all of them have not happened, genuinely believing in yourself and your abilities will allow things to come to fruition.

No matter what I do in this life, there is a feeling of excitement that I tone down because my energy level is consistently high; I feel like I have to limit the love of my craft at times. The older I get, the better I can leverage this energy and help produce the best designs and services in the world. This energy channel needs to be shared, let out, and expressed, especially with some major plans surfacing soon.

What triggered this blog is what happened last year. I spoke with at least one stranger a week to give myself to the world support people, especially in this transformation period. And well, as I planned on helping people, I was stunned how it helped and healed me. It's amazing how making a simple commitment provides us with a significant benefit. Unknowingly without expecting anything, it reminded me that I am not the only one. I will talk more in detail about talking to strangers and how it helped me see people in a different light.

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