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A Few Ways Virtual Reality Is Improving The Design World

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

When Virtual Reality headsets where first introduced into the marketplace a few years back, they created a plethora of buzz. Consumers couldn’t wait to attach them to their smartphones in order to play games, or simply see the world from a different prospective. That being stated, virtual reality has grown to be far more than a simple toy or escape from everyday life. It is an incredibly valuable tool that is improving the design world, which is a tremendous benefit for anyone that is hiring a professional, or team of professionals.

So without further ado, the following information will provide you with a few benefits as to why virtual reality should be incorporated into the overall design process.

Virtual Reality Simulates Real-Word Scenarios

Virtual Reality allows designers and clients to actually see products in simulated real world scenarios. In essence, this provides people with the ability to see how the products will look and feel in real life after the project is completed. Virtual Reality goes far beyond a 2D screen and into a fully immersive virtual world that considerably helps to convey the product design, while eliminating any confusion. In this case, context is important. In addition, Virtual Reality provides product design companies with the ability to communicate technical details to their employees and clients in a far more effective manner. For example, all parties involved in the design process can easily observe and discuss the various complexities of real world products before the manufacturing begins.

Virtual Reality Allows Faster Iterations

With Virtual Reality, you do not need to wait for hardware to be constructed, or shipping to take place. That means iterating through design ideas is significantly faster. Designers may also check how the product will look after project completion. If any changes are required in the design, they can be implemented much earlier in the process. The bottom line is that you do not need to wait for the design to finish in order to see how everything looks. Simple A/B testing can be utilized to add option for viewers to swap colors, shapes, and accessories. Virtual Reality allows clients to choose which options they prefer the most. For many companies, utilizing Virtual Reality in their product design process saves upwards of 15-20-percent in development time, presents far fewer risks in the development process, and provides more efficient collaborations with their business partners.

Virtual Reality Significantly Lowers The Cost Of Implementation

Virtual Reality provides designers and engineers with the ability to experience a full-scale model environment from the very start of the design process. This eliminates or at least reduces the need to have real world mockups created at particular intervals throughout the design process. In essence, this allows people to catch design errors and flaws and fix those errors and flaws much sooner, which can significantly lower costs. Depending on the scope of the product design, Virtual Reality can save the client a considerable amount of money. In addition, Virtual Reality experiences can easily and quickly be added to showrooms. This allows customers, internal personnel, and partners to view designs and products in a centralized place that is suited to the specific needs of the viewer.

Surg Design Studios, LLC incorporates the use of the most cutting edge technology, including Virtual Reality. We are proud to be a product design studio that is tailored to helping companies design, prototype/engineer their ideas, and prepare them for manufacturing. We had to talk about Virtual Reality because it gives us such great results. It engages clients and makes it more of an enjoyable experience in the design development phase. Please email us if you have product development needs at

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