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It's All About The Story

I have been designing products and services for years now. These days I am still doing that and also focused on helping build companies. But many of us struggle with the front-end development side. Sometimes, things get blurry, and we battle with clarity in the design, services, or company we are trying to create. We have to question why it is essential? But more importantly, we have to ask whether people will understand what we are trying to achieve? When I get to this point, there is a phrase that always helps me. It's all about the story.

What do we say every time we describe a business to a friend or family? Did you hear about so-and-so company? They started their company by X, Y, and Z. An exciting or remarkable story goes a long way. I believe that we have to dig deep down inside, be vulnerable at times, and share our stories with the world.

Another thing I have noticed is that people don't realize that they have a get a story to tell. I have met the most amazing people with unique backgrounds. And most of them mention that they are not that special. News flash, you are. Share the story, and remarkable things will start to stick.

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