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Mindset With Money

When I first started my career, I quickly found out that the point was to make money. Especially when you grow your family, you have to work to provide. Am I right? But today, it's a little different after some hard work and some actual time to think over the years. I mean, I respect everyone that works for a living but coming out of the other end and zooming out, I have some light to share. There is a better way.

For me, it was a mindset change. I admit I still swap time for money, but time is more critical for me. I value money differently these days. I invest it back into my companies. Or I buy myself time to help create companies that I believe will contribute to my family and the world. So yes, money is a tool for me, but I do not let it define me. With this time, I can concentrate on seeing my daughters grow, take care of my health, and enjoy life's journey.

The point is, I have control of my life, not an employer. You can do it too!

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