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Talking To A Stranger

Good morning good afternoon! As planned, I am committing to writing something here every day. I have to admit it's pretty scary writing out openly to the world. You never know whos reading this. My other opinion about this is fuck it; definitely worth helping others. That's is going to be the main goal here. I hope it encourages you in some way, stranger!

What happened last year is what prompted this blog. Every week, I chatted with at least one stranger to give back to the world and help individuals, especially during this world transition. I got a glimpse of people's lives. I presented myself as another ear to listen to their struggles. I introduced myself as a design cheerleader cheering for them in significant life milestones. It just depended on the energy of the call. Yes, I got the sense sometimes that they thought I was selling something. And if you know me, I am good at selling. But I left that in the office and brought out my virtual sofa and a warm lamp. I questioned if a career development coach or being a therapist would be a good career change. Because whatever I was doing was helping people.

What kind of people did I talk to? All types. People in different industries, ages, and stages in their careers, all sorts of people. What did we talk about? Everything. And I have to note everything was discreet. So how did I do it? I treated it like a business; time started to add up, and I needed to block out an hour every week. As I learned, no matter what you plan, sometimes calls are just prolonged, and you have to be ready for that, especially for these projects.

I wanted to end off by mentioning if you're going to try this. Just give me a call! I am always here. Also, you can do it. You can do anything! Have a great day.

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