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The Younger Gen Z

Lately, I have been having calls with young, intelligent individuals. Their ages were between 20-22. I really have to be honest as a nearly 40-year-old millennial. I did question the younger generation. We all do it, comparing and contrasting how our generation is different. The notion that Gen Z is lazy is totally wrong.

I have talked to maybe 4 people last two weeks. I have been impressed that most of them have businesses and are shooting for the stars. I mean, what was I doing in my 20s? I know it was not creating a business portfolio. The hunger some people have still motivates me today.

The younger generations have so much to offer. Heck, they are teaching me a few things! Like any design project learning the culture helps to understand people deeper. I am still learning what makes them tick and what their dreams are. I can relate to some as I am a dreamer myself. Always respect people of all ages.

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