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What can NFTs do for us?

For the past six months, we have been learning about NFTs. Don't you know what NFTs are? It is okay if you don't. You are not the only one. But simply put, NFTs are changing my mindset on many things. I am blessed to partner with two solid entrepreneurial individuals, and we are working on something that can benefit many people in this particular time of WEB 3.0 and beyond. We've had investment deals close and new ones opening. We are thrilled how all of our companies and our crafts are coming together next month.

I am considering dedicating 100% of my time to my business and using NFTs as a tool. Yup, It's happening. With the growth of NFTs with all the good and bad, it's obvious what the market is showing. As the market is going through a significant dip, it's a great thing. It's clearing the room of those people trying to make a quick buck. This is transformational, and considering NFTs as an investment is just the beginning. What we plan on doing will be unique because we are combining NFTs with a premium asset that we can provide. I am limited on what I can say, but if you look at NFTs other than a JPEG or PNG, you will be ahead of the game. It is a clever idea, but a small slice of the pie for now. Just take a look at all the leading companies in the world. They are doubling down on the opportunity. Yes, we are too.

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